Anthem Guide: Earn Coins Fast in the game

Anthem contains a lot of customization options. You can change how your javelin looks with different color schemes and you are able to select emotes and entrance animations. To purchase those things, however, you need to use in-game currency called ‘Coins.’ The game has two different types of in-game currencies: Coins and Shards. Many items can be purchased using either currency but it is not recommended as it increases wait time while locking away many noticeable upgrades. Players can earn Coins by doing many different activities within the game! It’s worth noting that you do have the option to speed up this process by buying them with real money if you so choose though. Spending too much money using micro-transactions is not a good idea. We want to teach you how to earn some coins and enjoy the game whilst playing it.


There are a great number of activities in the game which will help you stack up your coins. Completing one mission for example usually rewards players with a small amount of coins. It’s best to complete the story and quests as that’s where you are awarded with the most recent addition of coins to do with as you please.


After completing the main game and getting rid of a majority of baddies in Megamind’s world, challenges are the next tier of super hero fun. Challenges award extra coins and add variety to your gameplay experience. Completing these challenges is as simple as playing through a level and selecting the option to accept them. These challenges vary from tasking users with killing a number of enemies or earning a certain amount of coins within a time limit. Though for some players, these may be challenging tasks to complete, you have to remember patience is key if you plan on writing anything worth reading!

Another thing you need to remember is that there are other challenges in the Cortex which award you more coins than usual. While this might seem like a great idea at first, be sure not to forget that not all challenges provide extra coins as a reward. Trying to complete certain challenges just because they award fewer coins would only make things harder on yourself! For players pursuing high coin counts and nothing else, try instead going for challenges which do give out lots of rewards.

In the end, it’s all about having fun. While working to fulfill challenges, if you’re enjoying yourself, then work head-on. If you’re feeling frustrated or bored with the challenges you’ve set for yourself, those goals probably aren’t worth it.

Tell us how many challenges you’ve conquered in the game and what advice do you have for your challengers? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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