Apex Legends Guide: Mastering the “Caustic”

Caustic is the stinkiest of all Apex Legends heroes. His deadly toxic can choke his opponents. Make sure to find a way to cover up the smell as you play because people playing with you might get a little weirded out!

Passive Ability:

Your hero is capable of discerning the presence of enemies who have been trapped within your smoke field. Caustic can use chemical gas to create an area where your opponents will be less clear and unable to see as well. And this ability he has can be used to set up a killing field that you could engage in or escape out of when cornered with enemies by using the Nox Gas Grenade which makes it difficult for them to see if you manage to get away from their line of fire!

Caustic’s Nox Grenade is useful, but it does have its limitations–it could obstruct his allies’ vision and prevent them from spotting threats. To make sure he doesn’t hamper his team’s efforts to figure out where the enemy is hiding, Caustic should throw the Nox Grenade in a spot that gives him an advantage over the other team. For instance, throwing the grenade behind a prone enemy in the middle of the map while your team waits at another location would give you ample time to plan your next move and potentially secure multiple kills without putting yourself or your allies in unnecessary danger.

Tactical Ability:

Nox gas traps are your trick up your sleeve as a sharp-shooter character like Caustic. This trap can be placed anywhere on the ground and is activated automatically whenever any enemy passes it. Because you only have six at a time, it’s important to choose their location carefully, so that enemies aren’t the wiser when they walk right into them

When it comes to games, every advantage counts – especially if you’re competing against others. This Nox trap will provide a great surprise bonus for your enemies as well as a handicap due to the fact they are slowed while inside of its radius.

Ultimate Ability:

The Nox gas grenade is Apex Legends’ way of clearing a room in one fell swoop. The noxious cloud that covers a small area after the detonation can be used to suffocate enemies located inside buildings, although it’s best not to throw it at an opponent running directly toward you as Caustic will need a few seconds before being able to make use of the grenade properly and you might get shot in the meantime.

Choose the Legend Who Matches Your Playstyle

The characters available in this fighting game are very different to play, so you’ll want to pick the character that suits your fighting style and compliments the rest of your team.

Are you good at protecting your team? Do you take pride in being invaluable to everyone? You play like a guardian. Are you good at leading the way and lighting the path? Pathfinder’s your go-to Legend. Would you rather support your team with life-saving abilities? Play as Lifesaver.

Stay Close to Your Squad

Squads are essential to accomplishing in Apex Legends, where you enter the field with two partners at your side. Working together, you can ensure each other’s safety and beat your adversaries by joining your capacities. For example, an all-around set Pathfinder can lead their team directly on top of unsuspecting opponents, while Gibraltar can create cover for his teammates by utilizing Tremor grenades to drive away foes.

Rather than striking out on your own, try to attach yourself and your project to a larger group. If you stick with other people, you’ll have more opportunities for success.

Use Smart Comms to Keep in Touch with Your Teammates

You can quickly and easily communicate with your partners by pinging them company data through Table-top’s in-game framework that allows you to send messages and landmarks from your screens.

You can pinpoint your inventory and mark what’s valuable to you – including the type of weapon and its potential dangers, so that when you connect a joystick before connecting via headsets, your teammates are in-the-know about your position. Always keeping an eye on the inventory can help you stay up to date on changes that could impact their team’s Apex Legends guide.

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