Best Places to See the Northern Lights in Sweden in Summer 2022

Sweden is one of the best Northern Lights viewing destinations in the world, which makes it a top destination for tourists from all over. From the Stockholm area, where you can find some of the highest-quality skywatching in the world, to Umeå in the southern province of Halland – wherever you are, make sure to take a hike up to your local mountain peak or climb on board a boat so as to get a great bird’s eye view of this beautiful phenomenon that dances across Sweden’s Arctic sky.

During winter months, Sweden is inhabited by a special phenomenon – the Northern Lights. These stunning lights can be seen anywhere in Sweden but are seen most often around the Stockholm region during the Winter Solstice. The Northern Lights appear to take on many different forms and because of this, it is believed that these are caused by something in space rather than coming from within Earth itself. The Northern Lights may last for up to an hour and are easily mistaken for a formation of multi-colored lights moving across the sky with a stream of light flowing through them.

What to see in Sweden’s Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis can be observed in many different places around Sweden. The best place in Stockholm to watch these lights is actually offshore at the archipelago, but other popular locations include the Umeå area and the Dalsland region in western Sweden where a number of lakes and forests create good conditions for viewing the lights.

Stockholm: The Highest Point in Sweden

One of the best ways to see the Northern Lights is by visiting Stockholm. Not only is this vacation destination found in Sweden, but it’s one of the most popular areas to view the vibrant colors of these mesmerizing lights! Throughout Stockholm you’ll find a fusion of old and very modern architecture; a mixture that can only be described as peculiar to behold! You’ll want to plan out your itinerary ahead of time so you can try and make sure you visit many places around town including the museums, shopping districts, parks, or even take a nice walk through Downtown Stockholm!

Whether you’re a fan of stars or a curious onlooker wishing to see more of the night sky, there are several great skywatching locations available in Stockholm. The Västerås Observatory provides high-altitude spots offering spectacular views of various constellations as well as meteor fireballs that some viewers have even claimed to see with their bare eyes! Umeå is also home to several observatories worth visiting if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and stargaze through telescopes.

Umeå: A Great Place to See the Northern Lights

Umeå is an excellent place to see the Northern Lights. With a clear sky and plenty of darkness, the lights are easy to see from many spots around town and there are several good options for hotels in case you’re planning on staying overnight so as not to miss them. Similarly, there are several places local to the city that have been designated as public observatories with great views of the northern lights where visitors can go to take part in special activities like star gazing or astrophotography.

Halland: The Best Place to View the Northern Lights.

Halland is one of Sweden’s southernmost provinces, located south and east of the Hallandian Hills. It is not just known for the vast amounts of skywatching possibilities in winter, but also for its wealth of hiking trails during the warmer months. The grassy hills and valleys in this region are typically covered with farmland, which makes for great sunsets throughout the year!


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