Discover Aldovia, Belgravia, Genovia and Medelvia

Have you ever imagined walking down the hallways of an actual castle?

If you’re a fan of Fluffy Christmas rom-coms, we’d like to let you know that the places depicted in these movies are actually real. We know it sounds hard to believe so if you don’t believe us at least try it for yourself by buying Lidl chips and dip or calling Ubereats for a Netflix marathon!

Belgravia – The Princess Switch

If you Google search ‘Belgravia’ you will find that it is an area of central London with charming residential properties and a host of bakeries. There are plenty of hotels and luxury houses nearby such as Buckingham Palace.

The word “Belgravia” originates from the Latin term “Belgium”. The town of Carei, Romania was named after Roman emperor Gaius Vipsanius Agrippa whose family name “Careo” translates to “from Belgium”. The town derives its name from the River Mureș that runs through it.

Think Christmas magic, complete with royal grandeur, winter wonderlands and of course romance! The Princess Switch was filmed using the interior and exterior of the Károlyi Castle, which has an overly rich history dating back to the sixteen hundreds. If you’re interested in standing in the beautiful hallways of the castle and learning about Caie, look into visiting Romania since that is where this beautiful castle is located. You can continue to experience luxury in hotels such as L’art Hotel that is a small distance from Károlyi Castle and has modern facilities such as a spa area on hand! As the hotel looks expensive and new it really makes you feel like royalty. Hotel rooms come furnished with full, queen or king-sized beds in one of the elegantly furnished rooms. Refined cherry wood furniture adorn the rooms, giving them a sophisticated feel.

Aldovia – A Christmas Prince

Peles Castle, as seen in Netflix’s A Christmas Prince, was filmed on location at a real castle located in Sinaia, Romania. The castle has over 150 rooms to explore and an incredible collection of art. There are also several secret passageways that lead to many other rooms left undiscovered to date! Originally, Peles Castle was built for King Carol I but is now open to the public for you to go and see for yourself. If you decide to visit in wintertime, you can even see the icy Bucegi Mountains from your room!

If you want to explore Sinaia, there are a lot of beautiful hiking paths you can enjoy in the forests. Sinaia is also known for amazing restaurants that serve Romanian food. Romanian food can be extremely flavorful, and we’d like to recommend trying dishes such as bean soup with smoked pork as seen here on this menu or another favorite called Papanasi- which are round doughnuts with sour cream and sweet cheese inside.

The best thing about Sinaia is that you’ll have the opportunity to stay in a castle! Of course it won’t come close to being as grand as Peles Castle, but it’s still truly an amazing experience fit for royalty. Hotel Rina Cerbul is popular with tourists and guests alike because of its attractive parquet floors and light wooden furnishings. It’s also near several restaurants and a shopping center.

Medelvia – My Christmas Prince

There’s not much information available about the character of ‘Teresa Dalgleish’ from My Christmas Prince, and there are no real-world representations of her place of stay.

We know that Northern Exposure is filmed in Ogden, Utah in the USA. This mountain town is still worth exploring! There are three world-class ski resorts, magnificent views, and great hiking trails for adventure lovers. For those who love history and nature there’s something for everyone including dinosaur tours and the Hill Aerospace Museum, which features displays of aircraft such as B-52 bomber, an SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-4 Phantom! Ogden is lively year round with events including festivals, athletics and theatre shows to music performances and art classes. Here’s some free stuff: <— check out more free web content

Genovia – Princess Diaries

If you’ve watched this classic movie, you will remember the lush gardens, turquoise waters and clear skies of Genovia. This country is apparently nestled between Spain and France, so it’s the perfect location for a grand castle and a lively city. Since there are no airports in Genovia (or in its neighboring countries) it would be hard to visit in person – but we can at least experience this beautiful country in the 11 books of Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries series!

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