How to Be Sure That Your Brand Needs A Mobile App | 5 Signs to Realize

You may think that why having a mobile app is important for your business when you have a high-quality website for your brand. So let us tell you why this is the case!

People spend a great amount of time on mobile devices. They spend 30 minutes daily using 23 apps. In a particular case, It’s seen that people use up to nine apps per day. This includes using services like Facebook and Instagram as well as playing games, but also streaming shows and movies with Netflix and YouTube.

One of the tools that people always invest a lot of time in is their smartphone. People can spend quite a lot of time on their apps, like social media features, games or Netflix. In a Google study, it has been determined that people use nine mobile apps each day and 30 mobile apps per month.

Based on statistics from 2020 over 88 percent of people who use the internet in Australia will have a mobile app for social networking and for business as well. In addition, people who owned smartphones in 2010 already had an average of 38 different applications installed on their devices.

Mobile apps are the future now. And having one for your brand can be massively beneficial. Here’s a look at some of those benefits:

1. Customers Can Always See The App

You can receive the attention of your visitors. By marketing the app, you can create some tricks to bring in more traffic. For example, you can use a pop-up to introduce yourself to a larger audience.

What does pop-up mean?

Pop-up ads are a form of online advertising that allows a business to reach an audience directly. These commercials can appear as small windows, which often display advertisements or incentives for your target consumer to either purchase a new product or service from your website, or otherwise initiate some sort of desired action such as visiting another page to learn more about a different subject relevant to the original commercial’s advertisement.

Update your application from time to time and make it easy to use.

2. Have an Engagement with Your Audience

By the time you’ve launched your brand’s app, make sure to know that no matter what your business is, your customers always need a way to stay in touch with you and so do you.

If you have an app which you would like to gain popularity amongst all the other apps, then you can follow this formula. Find out what your audience wants, see how they use it, whether they download it or not and what they want more of or less of in your application, change or add optimally by keeping some certain points in mind.

3. Slower The Traffic of Your Website

Have you ever had the situation that your website is slower than it should be because there are too many people in it at once?

Because apps are easy-to-use tools, more people prefer to use the applications on their smartphones than visit websites. This helps to slow down web traffic. It is mentioned that most of the companies with an app built around their brand have 32 per cent more loyal customers on average compared to those who don’t.

By having both a website and an application, site traffic will be halved, and the overall usability of your app and website could suffer. Making sure that customers are aware of your business through social media or ad campaigns is a great way to boost site traffic. You should avoid splitting up your efforts between multiple mediums in order to maximize your results!

4. Watch Out Your Competitors

You need to be aware of your competitors at all times because as an entrepreneur, you always have those other entrepreneurs and businesses in your industry that could potentially be a threat in the future if you’re not careful.

If your competitors are late with their app and you have one, take the initiative to showcase your application by sending out targeted texts or emails to past, present and potential customers. This will help you nudge them into checking your new application in addition to making an impression that your business is one step ahead of everyone else’s!

If you already have an app, look out for these brands. See how they’re gaining popularity and what kind of experiences they’re offering their customers. That way you can create an app by following in their footsteps and giving people something they want to see when creating a mobile application. Keep customers coming back with innovative ways of introducing new features or creating exclusive experience not offered elsewhere because this will keep the hype going!

5. Make Money with Your Application

It seems like mobile apps have truly taken over the world. The fact that so many people are carrying around smart phones with Internet access everywhere they go means you can get in touch with your clients or customers even while they’re on the go, giving you a chance to reach them when it’s most convenient for them. There are different kind of ways to earn money from your apps. Here are 2 ways:

1. In-App Advertising

Advertising is a great way to earn money. When you first start out, your audience is generally small so it makes sense financially to have a number of sponsored ads in place from companies that are willing to pay you for your website traffic or the amount of times people click on the ads (i.e. cost per click or CPC). The increase in popularity might seem slow at first but as your fans starting increasing and generating more traffic for your website, it will be beneficial for you because you can charge more for ad-space as your site grows popular across the internet!

2. Subscription

It is an effective model for the apps. You offer the user free tools they use, as soon as they find your app handy and enjoyable; you offer them to upgrade to a paid subscription which provides unlimited access.


Apart from a website that most brands tend to have, it’s also a good idea to have an application for your brand. It helps you know your customers better and see what they think of your product or business which in turn can help you improve on things, increase sales and reduce the amount of traffic driven to your website, saving time and money for the long run!

You can offer users big value and useful tips, but always be wary of competitors. What are they up to? How are they performing? What kind of value do they bring? Pay particular attention to their app’s shortcomings as this is a valuable source of inspiration when trying to decide on new features for your own product!


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