How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone

It is essential that only certain applications are installed on your Samsung device and it’s a straightforward process! Installing or removing applications is an easy task, whether you want to keep them hidden from prying eyes or because they were preinstalled with your phone and you don’t wish to delete them.

Here’s what you have to do in order to deprive the world of the programmes on your Samsung tablet.

How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Smartphone

Before getting started with this tutorial we would like to note that these steps will only work on Samsung Android devices. As such, if you are using another manufacturer’s device, then the process you go through will be slightly different as the company may use a proprietary overlay instead of the standard interface that all other companies do.

  • Pinch the screen or long press on a blank screen surface for a few moments and then swipe up to reveal the menu. Now you will be able to edit the home screen with your newly learned actionable gesture that gives you access to all of your different screens, snippets and page elements (see below) in order to make changes! Alternatively, tap anywhere on the screen still and touch the + icon at the bottom left of your screen, click where it says Add New Page , then draw a square where you’d like your page to appear. Now you’ll be able to customize content for this page.
  • A drop-down menu is often found at the bottom right corner of a screen        that offers options for customizing what is displayed on the screen.
  •  From the drop-down box, choose Hide apps to hide your programmes.
  • To make it so that you can’t see programmes listed in your application menu,  go up to the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and choose Preferences.

The app will no longer be visible in your app drawer or usual folders on your smartphone after it has been hidden. It will still appear in search results and while scrolling through all of your apps from the Settings menu.

Is Hiding Apps Enough?

Even if it’s nice to be able to hide apps on your Samsung phone, do you think this function is suitable in your situation? You might want to go a step further and either completely stop the programs or lock them behind a PIN code to keep them safe. You may accomplish this with the help of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app, which will alert you when it’s time to disconnect from the internet.


Does Samsung have hide apps?

Samsung’s One UI is a consumer favorite. It has a range of customization options that have made it particularly popular. Such as the option to hide non-essentials from view, including on the home screen and in the app drawer. This can be done using secure folder or an android launcher among other methods..

What is app drawer?

The App Drawer is a special section in which you can organize all your apps. Regardless of the fact whether you’re using an Android device or iOS, as long as your phone has an App Drawer, it will be placed here. There are many different types of App Drawers, but the most common ones are based on four basic functions: Alphabetical Tabs; Alphabetical List; Swiping Tabs and Pinned Sections. In the case of Alphabetical Lists, you can have one row with tabs for sorting purposes and when clicking on the one that says ‘Apps,’ a list will appear with icons for every app available on your device.

What is Samsung private mode?

To prevent access to sensitive material, such as photographs and documents, use the Private mode feature. To protect your images from prying eyes make sure you save your content to a safe place and disable private mode so they are once again accessible!

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