How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone

When you purchase a mobile phone from a wireless carrier directly, the provider may retain the rights to your device. So if you decide to switch carriers sometime down the line, you’ll either need to relinquish your device’s number or go through a difficult number transfer process.

If you want to use Boost Mobile but your phone is locked, one option is to get an unlocking service provider. The business will send you the necessary tools for unlocking your phone (the process is neither costly nor time-consuming) and all you need to do is get in touch with Boost Mobile and go through the steps of unlocking your device!

How to Unlock a Boost Mobile Phone

Before you can unlock your Boost Mobile phone, there are some eligibility requirements to fulfil. They include:

  • A Boost Mobile phone is not currently assigned to your account, nor was one ever assigned.
  • Boost Mobile provides their customers with the option to shop online, so that you’re able to view and pick-out your desired phone.
  • There has been no report of the phone being lost, stolen or missing.

In addition, the phone must be “SIM unlock capable” as defined by the FCC. For example, in general most phones manufactured in 2015 or later are good. However, we encourage you to call Boost Mobile beforehand to report on your specific phone.

However, if your phone isn’t SIM unlock enabled, Boost Mobile can supply you with an “MSL Code” that may be able to unlock it in its place.

If you have met the applicable criteria and are in compliance with your Service Agreement, please contact Boost Mobile for unlocking eligibility information by calling 1-888-266-7848 . Please note that you will be prompted to enter your 15-digit Phone Number and last name exactly as it appears on your account. You must show proof of deployment documents or other pertinent info by having ready either:

If you need to unlock your phone, we will typically have an answer for you within a couple business days. While our specialists are working on unlocking your device or finding a replacement part for it, please leave your SIM card in the phone so we can communicate with it.


Can I unlock my phone myself for free?

If you are eligible to receive a free phone unlock, there is no need to worry about the dangers of third party companies who charge people to perform free services. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has confirmed that: “Existing or former customers of participating carriers may not be charged extra costs to unlock a device if the device is qualified to be unlocked in the first place. Non-customers and previous clients of service providers may be charged a fee to unlock their eligible devices.”

Is it hard to unlock a Boost Mobile phone?

One of the core values at Boost Mobile is giving their customers the freedom to choose where they go on vacation, or at least who they call while they’re there. After a customer has fulfilled some qualifying conditions with Boost, they have basically earned full ranger to other carriers to use while they are away from home. In order to start unlocking their account, a customer just needs to get in touch with customer support and ask them how best to proceed.

What carriers are compatible with Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile currently supports T-Mobile, Sprint, and several more networks (see above for full details). Many unlocked phones work with Boost Mobile’s supported networks.

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