Smoking, vaping, or edibles: Which is right for you?

With the legalization of cannabis slowly making its way around the world, the use of cannabis has also increased exponentially. The cannabis industry has seen a massive boom in growth, and this is ultimately why you have started to notice a change in the consumption habits of certain consumers.

Consuming cannabis is all the rage these days, but with so many methods to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which one is best for you. In this blog post, we’ve outlined each of them in order to help you make a more informed decision about your consumption method.


While edibles are a consumption method that has been around since the beginning, there is an introduction of an abundance of newer products to the market and more innovative products being introduced.

These days, at stores like Canna Cabana one can find anything from tasty snacks and meals to drinks. All of which make for great edibles! The best part about edibles is that individuals over the age of 21 are allowed to have as much THC as they want, but keep in mind they are not meant for children.

Dab rigs

There are ways that one can choose to consume cannabis these days and some of them may seem a bit overwhelming at first. The reason why it’s so hard to choose is because every person is on a different wavelength when it comes to enjoying the benefits of cannabis. as time goes by more methods for consumption of this particular plant come about each day and people are using even newer methods

One of the most lucrative ways to consume cannabis is through the use of an electronic dabbing rig (aka: dab rig). A dab rig is like a bong in that you are inhaling heated smoke but instead of using actual cannabis flowers, a large nail called a nail or dart is heated and inserted into wax concentrate. Earlier this year I wrote this article on how to choose your first dab rig and why knowing what kind you want before going out and buying one is important!

There are many different kinds of dab rigs to choose from including ones that are manual and electric. Dab rigs produce a vapor that can be inhaled, and they are great choices for those who want something especially easy-to-use. A great benefit of using a dab rig is that by using a concentrate you can get a much stronger effect with a much smaller amount of product. In addition, you can use both THC and CBD products in your dab rig regardless if it is a water pipe or e-nail as they make excellent storage units for concentrates and oils alike!


Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. In recent years, we’ve found a safer, easier way to harness the power of this plant: topical products! Topicals are skin-based applications such as extracts, salves, and lotions that promote relaxation or ease pain without the psychoactive effects from smoking or ingesting cannabis.

This is a new way to treat acne, and it’s especially popular among younger people. When applied topically to the face, cannabis has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties. Cannabis oil can be used in a number of ways, from pressing it into a salve or simply ingesting it as an edible—but the most efficient method involves directly applying cannabis oil over the affected area of skin for at least one minute. This allows the cannabinoids to work their way deep down into pores without any loss of potency due to heat loss. In recent years it has also been discovered that this plant-based extract can also be effective when used in acne skincare products, which are now widely available online!

Most cannabis topicals contain the non-psychoactive CBD due to the big benefits associated with it. Only a few of them use THC in their recipes because it is not possible to get high by using them, thus they are often used by people who like to medicate with marijuana but do not want to be intoxicated during work or socially.


Last but not least, we have tinctures. Tinctures are one of the newest cannabis products to hit the industry and although they’ve been around in other occupations for quite some time now, they’re a rather innovative cannabis product.

Tinctures, especially THC tinctures or CBD tinctures (but not exclusively), are a cannabis-based product that has become popular for use within the healthcare industry. Because of their concentration and fast-acting responses, tinctures are most frequently used for medicinal purposes. Tinctures were created to dissolve in alcohol and more recently have been produced using ethanol, due to its lower cost. Please note: some online retailers may offer alternative methods of consumption such as adding them in food etc but please be aware that dosage information is rarely available on these alternative products.

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