WhatsApp is adding reaction emoji and better misinformation controls

With a bunch of new awesome features and questions-answering emojis coming out somewhere soon, WhatsApp is making it easier for users to express themselves without getting in the way of other people’s discussions. Not only can you now share files up to 2GB in size, but this will also make it easier to co-work on projects with your team, who can now have even larger 32-person phone conversations wherever they are!

WhatsApp group administrators will be able to delete communications from their inboxes, addressing a key issue in many locations such as the Middle East and North Africa, which tend to become littered with incorrect information being constantly shared too quickly for anyone to take notice. Additionally, this might prove particularly useful in simple tasks such as cleaning up any inadvertent remarks or the occasional slur. Of course, how much attentiveness these administrators can provide will ultimately end up determining just how successful this feature will be.

They will be accessible soon through an upgrade and this is being said in the light of their recent advancements and the fact that users currently have access to features like status options and messaging. This may be a selling move for individuals who use WhatsApp as their go-to chat platform but are a little hesitant to leave due to their dependency on certain key elements such as its location sharing feature, for instance.

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